Saturday, July 3, 2021

She’s With Me!

Evergreen Country Club in Elkhorn was the site of Conner & Marissa’s lovely wedding reception!  Like so many others impacted by the pandemic, this awesome couple had to make adjustments from their original plans.  Although they were actually married last year, we got to celebrate all over again…one year later! Following our big grand march introductions, Pastor Pagel led us in a prayer of thanksgiving.  The staff at Evergreen was outstanding, and paid attention to every detail to make sure everything went smoothly.  Guests enjoyed stunning views and photo ops on the outdoor patio, the action of the Milwaukee Bucks on the big screen in the lounge – and of course – plenty of fun and excitement on the dance floor!  Big thanks to Chuck & Sam, David & Peggy, and all of the familiar faces in attendance.  Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. O.!