Friday, July 2, 2021

You Bowl Me Over!

It was a night we’ll never forget at Veteran’s Terrace in Burlington!  Brandon & Tori had to postpone their wedding for over a year, but I think everyone in attendance would agree it was worth the wait!  Andrew Meier Photography was on site early in the day to capture all of the special moments and memories – it’s always a treat working with such a pro!  The outdoor ceremony on Memorial Terrace was beautiful, including Tori’s amazing entrance down the staircase.  Grand March Introductions were taken to a whole new level, with the most creative and entertaining entrance earning the winning couple a cool $100 bill.  Everyone knocked it out of the park, with Maid of Honor Allie and Best Man Nick splitting the winnings.  We were a bit ahead of schedule all night long, which meant extra time and excitement on the dance floor!  Special thanks to this awesome couple and their very kind family and friends who were a pleasure to perform for.  Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. M.!