Friday, December 2, 2022

I Think I Wanna Marry You!

The Stella Hotel & Ballroom in Downtown Kenosha was the location of Michael & Christina’s amazing wedding ceremony and reception!  Our first of seven shows in December, we kicked off the final month of 2022 with a celebration we won’t soon forget.  The ceremony was personal and sweet, and included heartfelt vows between Mike, Christina, and Olivia.  After the service, guests made their way downstairs to 1844 Table & Mash to enjoy beverages and social time, while Dameon and the crew at The Stella prepared the ballroom for dinner.  When guests returned, the space was transformed and ready for the festivities to come!  Speeches from the family and wedding party were spread throughout dinner service, giving everyone plenty of time to relax and enjoy the night as it unfolded.  Our bride and groom started things off with a choreographed first dance, followed by a very special joint Father/Daughter dance.  We began our day early- played all the way until midnight - and had an absolute blast the entire time!  Big thanks to Dameon, Tiffany, the entire staff at The Stella, and everyone who came out to celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs. M.!  Cheers!