Friday, December 16, 2022

The Greatest Show!

The Covenant at Murray Mansion was filled with love and laughter at Chase & Hannah’s amazing wedding ceremony and reception!  Over 230 guests gathered to worship, offer thanks, and give their best wishes to the newlyweds.  Officiant Dan Miller shared his message and was accompanied by a full praise band led by musicians Bryce, Brennan, Pete, Abby, Taryn, & Sydney.  Hearing so many enthusiastic voices raised up in song was truly inspiring!  Following the very special service, guests made their way to Murray Mansion to continue their fellowship, while Hannah, Sydney, Katie, and the Culinary Infusion crew prepared the Covenant for the rest of our celebration.  Keith, Riley, Kaycee and everyone in the kitchen did a fantastic job with dinner preparations, while Evelyn, Isabelle, Eli, and the staff made sure everything was executed to perfection.  Highlights of the night included an enthusiastic grand march, unforgettable toasts, touching first dances, a rousing game of musical chairs, a traditional cake walk game, and an epic sparkler send-off!  Thanks to the Krum and Williams families for their kindness and hospitality, and everyone who came out to celebrate with the new Mr. & Mrs. W.  Congrats to all!